Aluminum & PVC Processing / CMC Engineering Export Korea

We provide solutions to process aluminum profiles not only for the fa├žade &window industry but also for furniture , aircraft and automotive.
If you require precision cutting, CNC machining, coating or wrapping of Aluminum profiles we are your partner.

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FOM Industrie

Melchers Korea Aluminum PVC Cutting Machining

Fom Industrie

has over 40 years experience in the sector of machines for cutting and machining aluminium and PVC, Fom Industrie is today the leading company of the FOM GROUP, offering products that include a wide range of automated plants and work centres for cutting and machining aluminium, PVC and light alloys, single and double-head sawing machines, machines and equipment for working and assembling aluminium and PVC window frames, as well as software for design, management and advanced services.

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Pressta Eisele

Melchers Korea Aluminum Processing

Pressta Eisele GmbH

is a leading supplier of machines for aluminum processing. Main business activities are machines to cut, punch or drill aluminum and metal.
Among the various supplied industries are window and facade production, furniture manufacturers as well as aircraft and automotive industry suppliers.

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GRAF Synergy

Melchers Korea PVC Processing

GRAF Synergy

produces machinery, tools and systems for PVC and aluminum window and door frame fabrication.
They are based in Modena (Italy), the cradle of the mechanical engineering world. GRAF Synergy distributes reliable, safe and easy to use high-tech machinery worldwide. To meet the needs of the customers they are able to supply machinery suited for a high output, producing thousands of pieces a day.