Can Making / CMC Engineering Export Korea

Since more than 25 years we are serving the can making industry with state of the art equipment for can body welding , body forming, end making.

Our service include installation, commissioning , operator trainings and after service support with spare parts.


Melchers Korea Soudronic Can Body Welder Bodyformer Can Making Machine


Located near Zurich, in Switzerland, Soudronic is the industry’s premier source for canbody welders, bodyformers, three-piece can-making and end-making systems. With a total of more than 300 employees, including engineers, welding experts, system designers, IT-professionals and service specialists, you can be sure that no customer requirement is left unanswered. For nearly 60 years, Soudronic has been the market leader in these products giving you the highest level of quality assurance in this business. Although best known for the basic can-making process, Soudronic has also enjoyed considerable recent success with their innovative peel-off lid making equipment.

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Melchers Korea Cantec End Making Machine


A Soudronic group company since 2006, Cantec specializes in high-speed endmaking systems. Cantec’s core business is the development and production of high-performance systems for ends, deep-drawn cans, caps and EO shells. Based in Essen, Germany, the company also supplies complete endmaking and canmaking lines, including process know-how and services.

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Melchers Korea Slitter Transfer Systems


As a member of the Soudronic Group since 1995, Ocsam is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-performance slitter and transfer systems.
As a leading supplier of slitter and transfer systems for medium- and high-speed canbody production lines, OCSAM enjoys a first-class reputation for the ease of operation and sturdy design of its products. Slitters and transfer systems from OCSAM often are an integral part of Soudronic's high-speed 3-piece can production lines.

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Melchers Korea Can Making Machine


Since our foundation in the year 1919 LANICO continues to produce machines for the can
making and canning industry and has become one of the leaders in the field of general line can making equipment. Especially high speed aerosol lines.

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