General Engineering / CMC Engineering Export Korea

Over the years of serving various Korean industries we build a portfolio in a wide portfolio of technologies. We are always open to look into new fileds
for suppliers interested in the Korean market and help our customer find new technologies .

fiber extrusion / FET

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FET is a leading supplier of state of the art process technology and equipment for the man-made yarns and fibre extrusion industry.
FET was established in 1998 with the firm objective of achieving technical excellence in our field and helping our customers to efficiently produce high value textile materials. This background has provided FET with a sound base for success and growth over this period. Our ongoing strategic objective is for controlled expansion year on year, extending our portfolio in response to customer demand.

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Bus bar production / EHRT

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The EHRT product range covers the complete processing (cutting, punching, and bending) of bus bars.
EHRT Maschinenbau has been developing and producing punching and bending machines since our inception in 1963. With our unique bending technology which measures each bend angle and provides spring back compensation, Ehrt gives the bend angle of flat materials true accuracy.

Our continuous development and over 50 years of experience has made EHRT a world leader in precision machining of flat materials.

For more details please see: EHRT

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Melchers Korea Marsilli


MARSILLI & Co. S.p.A, founded in 1938 as a winding machine producer, has been operating for over 60 years. It is known for its research and technological innovations, cementing its position as a global leader in the winding systems market.

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