Industrial Materials / CMC Engineering Export Korea

Melchers handles a range of non-ferrous metals and other materials for various industries.
This calls for detailed knowledge of the specific industries, which we work for.
Our team understands the special needs of each industry and key factors in the processing of industrial materials.
As a result, we are able to suggest to our customer the most competitive product and effective distribution channel based on customers‘ requirements.

Aluminum Wire / ELISENTAL

Melchers Korea Elisental Aluminum Wires Bars

Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH & Co.

is one of the leading manufacturers of welding fillers made from aluminum and / or magnesium for various applications. Where a strong and high-quality welding joint is needed, Melchers together with company Elisental offers products and expertise.
Warehouses in Shanghai and Hong Kong allow an all-Asian-Distribution of high-quality solutions.
Mechanical Wires from aluminum and aluminum bars round the broad field of expertise which is represented in every product leaving company Elisental’s premises in Germany.

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Transition Joints / TRIPLATE®

Melchers Korea Triplate Transition Joint


Welding aluminum directly to steel or copper becomes possible by using Triplate® transition joints.
A 3-layer-structure allows a direct welding of the before said materials with excellent mechanical and physical characteristics. Preventing from cracks and corrosion, this product is used by shipbuilders all over the world. Our Asian customer’s benefit from our warehouse-facilities and also short delivery times for this highly-specialized product.

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Aluminium foam / HAVEL METAL FOAM GMBH

Melchers Korea Havel Metal Foam Sandwich

Havel metal foam GmbH

is the technology-leading manufacturer of aluminum foam sandwiches and 3D parts. Looking back at many years of experience and Know-How from science and industry, this Germany based company concentrates on the "STEAM" market (Shipbuilding, Transportation, Energy, Automotive and Military)

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Aluminum plates and sheets

Melchers Korea Aluminum Plates Sheets

To our customers we are offering aluminum plates in various make-ups directly from leading and world-wide known mills, as well as from our warehouses in Shanghai and Hong Kong:

• Standard aluminum plates and sheets
• Marine plates with international certifications (GL, BV, DNV, ABS)
• Cast plates with milled and brushed surfaces
• Tread plates
• Aluminum coils and sheets for architectural purposes and special applications

These products come with the expertise of our colleagues and our network in Asia to our valued customers.

Copper Nickle Pipes & Fittings

Melchers Korea Copper Nickle Pipe Fitting

Working together with one of the largest stock holders in Europe, CMC Engineering Export GmbH can offer nearly every shape and amount in Copper Nickle pipes and fittings for customers all over Korea. Challenge our portfolio with your enquiries; we are prepared for your demands.