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Our oil and gas/power plants department provides its clients with world-class solutions for the power generation industry. We focus on steam conditioning valves, high pressure ball valves for gas, high performance air filters, sludge transfer pumps, filter centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, corrosion protection for pipelines and pipes. In partnership with global leading manufacturers, we are a reliable source of the following high quality equipment for a wide range of applications.

Ball Valve / Böhmer

Melchers Korea Boehmer Ball Valve


Since more than 50 years Böhmer is specialized in the design and manufacturing of fully welded ball valves and split body ball valves with the following specifications: API 6 D, fire safe, diameter: 1/8“ to 56“, pressure range: class 150 to 2500, temperature range: -100 to + 400 °C, maintenance free sealing system, double block and bleed, single and double effect seal systems, references with CNPC, PTT, HK Towngas, KOGAS, Singapore Power, Chevron, Unocal, PGN, many Gas Distribution Companies, approved by Siemens and Alstom, frequently used by RMG, Rotring and many other station makers, for above, underground and subsea installations and all kinds of actuators.

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Valves / VCL

Melchers Korea Paul Wurth Valve


Headquartered in Luxembourg since its creation in 1870,
VCL has developed into an international engineering company. Combining wide experience with the capacity to continuously innovate, the Group is a leading player in the design and supply of the full-range of technological solutions for the primary stage of integrated steelmaking today.

Utilizing its existing know-how and its dedicated team of experts, VCL is offering modern solutions to the global oil and gas industry with tailor-made valves including actuators and control systems for refineries and petrochemical plants for the following processes:
- Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
- Dehydrogenation (e.g. CATOFIN, OLEFLEX, STAR)
- Ethylene Production
- Delayed Coking

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Steam Control Valve / Welland & Tuxhorn

Melchers Korea Welland Tuxhorn Steam Control Valve

Welland & Tuxhorn

Welland & Tuxhorn is a leading manufacturer of the German valve industry. Founded in 1901, this private company develops and manufactures special control valves (for all types of drives) as well as hydraulic actuating systems for conventional and nuclear power stations and industrial plants. WELLAND & TUXHORN special control valves are used in power stations and industrial installations on all five continents.

Delivery Range: HP- and LP- turbine bypass systems, turbine emergency stop valves, turbine control valves, steam conditioning valves, feedwater control valves, minimum flow control valves, cooling water injection valves, boiler start up valves, boiler blow down valves, desuperheater systems, hydraulic actuating systems and pneumatic actuating systems.

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Column internals and packings / RVT Process Equipment

Melchers Korea RVT Column Internal Packing

RVT Process Equipment

RVT Process Equipment GmbH is a medium sized family owned company located in Upper Franconia, Germany. Since 1976 our scope of supply has covered components for mass and heat transfer processes for chemical, petrochemical, refinery and environmental applications. The overall array of products includes random packing, structured packing, column internals, mass transfer trays, complete columns and turnkey units for environment protection applications.

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Gages / PMC Lone Star

Melchers Korea Pmc Gage

PMC Lone Star

offers a wide range of products manufactured to the highest quality possible. All of the gages manufactured by PMC Lone Star have one thing in common: unmatched accuracy and durability. Field proven for almost a century, our master and working gages meet and exceed specifications established by the American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I.) and are used as the benchmark for calibration by the National Institute of Standards Technology (N.I.S.T.). PMC Lone Star strives to offer our customers the highest possible value when it comes to their gaging requirements. PMC Lone Star maintains the most complete source of Master Gages outside of N.I.S.T. All gages are made of tool steel hardened to Rockwell C 60-62 and are cryogenically frozen to insure their stability. Each gage is put through a series of in-process and final inspections with tolerances to ±0.0002 of an inch (±5 μm). PMC Lone Star then qualify each gage using a certified master gage, and provide a calibration report
detailing the measured dimensions and the serial number of the master gage used for the
inspection. The quality and reliability of our gages have made them the overwhelming choice of coupling shops, pipe and tube mills around the world. PMC Lone Star stands ready with a trained staff of gage experts to help you accomplish all of your gaging needs, whether they are API sanctioned threads or premium proprietary connections. Looking forward to serving your needs today and in the future.

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Gages / Gagemaker

Melchers Korea Gagemaker Inspection Equipment


develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment for the Oilfield, Automotive and General Machining industries. Recognized as the leading provider of Engineering Software, Tapered & Straight Thread Measurement; API Products, Tubing and Casing Gages, as well as Calibration Software & Equipment, Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world. Since 1979, Gagemaker’s commitment to actively developing new products along with their superb customer service has set the industry standard.

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High Pressure Systems / Schäfer

Melchers Korea Schaefer High Pressure System


Schäfer is a German leading company that has been providing effective, safe and timely solutions for the complex needs of oil & gas markets worldwide for more than 80 years.

In a rapidly changing industry, characterized by big challenges and risks, Schäfer transforms technology, quality and innovation into safety, efficiency and return on investment.

Schäfer non-entry advanced tank cleaning systems are:

- Safe: no risky manual cleaning
- Fast: required time is 1/3 of normal procedures
- Efficient: 95% product recovery
- Easy to operate: automated and remote access

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Gate Valve / Persta

Melchers Korea Persta High Pressure Forged Valve

PERSTA Stahl-Armaturen

PERSTA Stahl-Armaturen is a world-class German manufacturer of high pressure valves with more than 70 years of history.
As a subsidiary of SIEPMANN-WERKE, PERSTA does not use casting, but forges its valves directly, ensuring high quality, reliability and long service life.
From the first hammer blow to the final assembly, PERSTA supplies products from a single source.
PERSTA innovative and customizable products have many applications. Fossil power plants, nuclear power plants, waste incineration plants, gas and steam combined cycle power plants, biomass, hydroelectric power plants achieve unprecedented efficiency also thanks to PERSTA at their side.

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Ejector / Körting Hannover AG

Melchers Korea Koerting Ejector

Körting Hannover AG

Körting Hannover has been providing engineering services, components and systems for process engineering applications since its foundation in 1871.
Körting Hannover offers a large product range in ejectors, vacuum, waste gas cleaning, environmental, process heat and firing technologies.
Körting Hannover solutions find extensive applications in many industries, such as chemical, pulp & paper, oil & gas, power plant, textile, water treatment and many others. Körting Hannover technologies are characterized by technical engineering competence and tailored solutions to the respective application areas.
Constant development, own R&D, as well as the continuous exchange of ideas with customers and operators have resulted in the extensive product mix that Körting Hannover AG is able to offer today.

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Diaphragm pump / Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik

Melchers Korea Emmerich Diaphragm Pump

Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik GmbH

Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik was founded in Cologne, Germany in 1945 and is still an independent, growth-oriented company, with the corporate headquarters located in Hönningen-Liers, Germany.
Thanks to more than 70 years of experience, Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik is one of the leading specialists in the pumping of slurries in high-pressure applications. The products are characterized by innovation and material technology. The products find applications in chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, aluminium, and many other industries.

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Pressure Vessels / Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH

Melchers Korea Thielmann Pressure Vessels

Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH

Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH is an international company with more than 35 years' engineering experience of pressure vessels for gas filtration and pre-heating.

These products can fulfill the highest technical demands from low to high pressure and temperature applications. Extraordinary design-codes are procured for your customized projects and specifications.
The long-term expertise on the design for gas filters, dust/cartridge filters, dust-liquid separators, single cyclone and multi cyclone separators, heat exchangers, water bath heaters, fuel gas performance heaters, condensate tanks, gas mixers, absorption silencers, pig launchers and customized pressure vessels make your systems complete.

Thielmann Energietechnik can fulfill the following requirements: AD 2000, EN 13445, EG/PED 2014/68/EU CE, ASME, U-Stamp, China-Stamp, NACE, DOSH, TEMA, SVTI, ERI, MOM, EAC/TR CU (former GOST TR), AS1210, PD5500 (British Standard), Ö-Norm, Stoomwezen, and many more.

Customized on-demand solutions for your gas systems!

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