Testing/ CMC Engineering Export Korea

Advanced manufacturing technologies require highly specialized quality assurance systems. We work with range of world renowned suppliers of state of the art testing and inspection equipment. 


Melchers Korea Gas Monitoring Equipment


Lumasense Innova offers gas monitoring equipment for indoor gas measurement on highest accuracy level through PAS ( Photoacoustic spectroscopy )method.


Melchers Korea Gagemaker Inspection Equipment


develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment for the Oilfield, Automotive and General Machining industries. Recognized as the leading provider of Engineering Software, Tapered & Straight Thread Measurement; API Products, Tubing and Casing Gages, as well as Calibration Software & Equipment, Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world. Since 1979, Gagemaker’s commitment to actively developing new products along with their superb customer service has set the industry standard.


Melchers Korea Brabender Industrial Measuring Instrument (1)

Brabender Messtechnik®

(founded 1961) develops and distributes measuring instruments for the plastics and processing industry:

•AQUATRAC®-3E: measures the moisture content of granular solids
•CONVIMETER: measures viscosity in process of fluids and pastes
•TSSR-Meter: Stress relaxation test for elastomer characterization


Melchers Korea 3R Non Destructive Metal Testing

3R Technics

offers their know-how and experience with the development and implementation into practice in the following areas: non-destructive material testing, material sorting, non-destructive material identification, non-destructive determination of material mechanical properties (Rm, Rp0.2, A50, strain hardening index n, r-value, hardness measurement, hardening depth, decarburisation), material structure testing, separation of batches, material mix-up, material recognition, material sorting, eddy-current methods, online checking, online correction, process checking, process optimization, 100 percent checking, adaptive process control, measurement and data recording, sensor development, data processing, data analysis, measurement concept, electromagnetic testing methods, magneto-inductive testing, software development;

PMC Lone Star

Melchers Korea Pmc Gage

PMC Lone Star

PMC Lone Star offers a wide range of products manufactured to the highest quality possible. All of the gages manufactured by PMC Lone Star have one thing in common: unmatched accuracy and durability. Field proven for almost a century, our master and working gages meet and exceed specifications established by the American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I.) and are used as the benchmark for calibration by the National Institute of Standards Technology (N.I.S.T.). PMC Lone Star strives to offer our customers the highest possible value when it comes to their gaging requirements. PMC Lone Star maintains the most complete source of Master Gages outside of N.I.S.T. All gages are made of tool steel hardened to Rockwell C 60-62 and are cryogenically frozen to insure their stability. Each gage is put through a series of in-process and final inspections with tolerances to ±0.0002 of an inch (±5 μm). PMC Lone Star then qualify each gage using a certified master gage, and provide a calibration report