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VAG, located in Germany, Mannheim, can be found wherever water is pumped, treated, stored and distributed. The world demands modern water management – and that’s precisely what VAG supplies. With innovative standards in water and wastewater engineering, VAG has positioned itself not only as a supplier of solutions, but also and above all, as a quality manufacturer when it comes to durable valves, high functionality and load-bearing mechanisms.
The reliability of the water circuits in power plants is of decisive importance - especially for cooling, where enormous quantities of water are required. As a power plant operator, you have to rely on high-quality materials that avoid costly downtimes. That’s why you should choose water valves from VAG, your experts for valves.
VAG butterfly valves, gate valves, control valves, non-return valves and many other valves guarantee operating reliability in the cooling circuits of power plants and impress with their long service lives. Compliance with all common accident prevention regulations is guaranteed, for example with the 3-point accident-prevention interlock in the VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves.

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