Power Generation

From valves to pumps and balance of plant, we offer a wide range of solutions for the power generation industry. Our expertise and decade-long presence in the market makes us a reliable partner in the power generation market.

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Valves for power plants

Thanks to our decade-long valve expertise and presence in the market, we are able to find the right valve for your power plant application.

Our scope of supply includes:

- Transfer Line / Decoking Valves

- Steam Control / Steam Stop Valves

- Butterfly Valves

Auxiliary Systems

Auxiliary systems for a wide range of applications (oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical, shipbuilding).

Wide range of services: Engineering, Procurement, Production, Turn-key Solutions, Spare Parts

We know well how quality is important for critical applications, and we do not compromise.

Pumps and ejectors

We provide a large array of solutions from diaphragm pumps for slurries to tailor-made ejectors for your power plant. We understand the importance of quality in sensitive applications, and only offer the world-class quality.

Air Filters

Increase your gas turbine efficiency with EPA-class compact cell filters. These filters ensure the high quality of inlet air, and have high mechanical strength, high operational capacity and low pressure drop