Windows & Doors Production Machinery

We serve the Korean windows & doors industry with advanced cutting, processing and welding solutions for both aluminum and PVC profiles. As a total solution provider, we provide sales, installation, commissioning, training, A/S and spare parts support.

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has over 40 years of experience in the sector of machines for cutting and machining aluminum profiles.

FOM Industrie is the leading company of the FOM Group, and offers a wide range of automated plants and working centers for cutting and machining aluminum and light alloy profiles. Their scope of supply also includes single / double-head sawing machines, auto sawing, copy router, end-milling equipment, as well as software for design, management and advanced services.


produces machinery, tools and systems for PVC windows & doors frame fabrication.
They are based in the city of Modena (Italy), the cradle of the mechanical engineering world. These solutions are high-tech, reliable, safe and easy to use. They are supplying the worldwide patented seamless welding system which can produce unique and highly value- added windows and door frames. Specialized in supplying Automatic window set production line as well.


is a leading supplier of aluminum processing machines. Their main scope of supply is Auto-cutting, notching and corner crimping machines for aluminum and metals.
These solutions serve a wide range of industries, from windows & doors, furniture to aerospace and automotive.


produces Radial Sawing, Notching, End-milling machines and other relevant equipment.

The quality of the equipment has already been verified globally, including Korea.